BCom with Major in Financial and Cost Accounting

This Programme is designed and developed in collaboration with The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI), exclusively for the ICWAI students, who can simultaneously study this programme with ICWAI Foundation/Intermediate course offered by ICWAI.

Once a student passes ICWAI foundation/Intermediate courses, automatic credit transfer is given in this BCom with major in Financial and Cost Accounting programme. The main objective of this programme is to develop skills and competencies of the student in the field of Finance and Cost Accounting.


BSHF-101, BEGE-103 and BEGE-104 are the revised course codes of FHS-01, EEG-03 and EEG-04 respectively. Hence while opting FHS-01, EEG-03 and EEG-04 student should opt the revised course codes BSHF-101, BEGE-103 and BEGE-104 in place of old courses (FHS-01, EEG-03 and EEG-04).

Institution for BCom with Major in Financial and Cost Accounting

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